Interkonekto - TXT to DXF

"Interkonekto" is a program which helps on drawing interconnection diagrams. These are a human-readable form of how electrical cables are interconnecting two or more equipments. It's a technical problem which demands much attention to avoid errors when putting it into the graphical form. That makes it a hard task to be accomplished by human beings. So, a robot is more appropriate to quickly draw this type of diagrams, with all the necessary accuracy.

Basic functioning

The program reads a DXF file containing layout definitions of the drawings, text files containing a bunch of data describing the interconnection terminal blocks of the equipments and, finally, how the pieces are binded to each other, as in a net or graph. The output is a collection of DXF files similar to the DXF template, organized accordingly to the interconnection structure specified into the data text files.

Interkonekto doesn't provide any facility to create the input files. They must be generated using other general purpose applications, such as spreadsheet and CAD drawing programs. Its GTK graphical interface is just a helper to organize all the required data and parameters. A comprehensive manual gives details about the format of the input files. Only the original Esperanto version of this manual is provided, no translation was made at all.

There doesn't seem to be any other program similar to this in the internet. Maybe because it's useful to only a very specific kind of technical problem. Unfortunately for most English people, we do not intend to provide English translation for it. So, if you are really interested, learn Esperanto! That doesn't mean prohibition to translate: in free software everything is possible. But..., does anyone volunteer doing it for us?


Besides the source code, there are also a compiled Windows installer and a Debian package for Linux.

Windows installer: Interkonekto-2.2-win.exe (4200 kB)

Source code: interkonekto-2.2.tar.bz2 (846 kB)

About Esperanto

Also the code is written using Esperanto. So, it is an Esperanto friendly software. See other examples of such kind of project.

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